Pinal County Heat Index

Bringing the heat

The summer heat always comes too early for Arizona residents. With temperatures reaching 100+ degrees as early as late April it can be quite a shock. One day the doors and windows are open, the next the A/C is blasting. 

In Arizona, heat-related illness accounts for an average of 2,000 hospital visits and 118 deaths per year. 9 people in 2017 died in Pinal County due to a heat-related illness.


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Trying to cool off

The UWPC with valued community partners ranging from county and city government, non-profits, business leaders, and community members host water hydration stations annually during the summer months to ensure Pinal County residents stay cool and hydrated. 


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Where are the Hydration Stations?

Apache Junction

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Casa Grande

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For more information please contact Braden Biggs with the United Way of Pinal County at 520-836-0736 or via email at