Pinal County Emergency Management

What is a COAD?
A Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD) is an organization, based within a community or geographic area, which is composed of representatives from public, private and not-for-profit agencies.
A COAD will enhance the community’s ability to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, thus ensuring that human needs inherent in a disaster situation are evaluated and addressed. II. Introduction
What is a “COAD”? Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs) are proactively looking for ways to mitigate against disasters at the local level. Because COADs represent many human service providers and have a concern for community resilience, and the relief and recovery of disaster victims, they can be a launch pad for disaster preparedness. 
COADs have a broad mission: to strengthen area-wide disaster coordination by sharing programs, policies, information, joint planning, and training. COADs will be active in all phases of emergency management: Mitigation Any activity taken to eliminate or reduce the degree of long-term risk to human life, property and the environment from the effects of natural and technological hazards. 
Prevention Any activity taken to avoid hazards and minimize the negative consequences of a disaster.
Preparedness Any activity taken in advance of an emergency that improves emergency readiness posture and develops or expands operational capabilities. 
Response Any action taken immediately before, during or directly after an emergency occurs to save lives, minimize injuries, lessen property and environmental damage and enhance the effectiveness of recovery. 
Recovery A short-term activity to return vital life support systems to minimum operating standards and/or a long-term activity designed to return the affected people and areas to their pre-disaster conditions.
How can you help?  
The UWPC and the Pinal County Emergency Management Department individualize recovery efforts for each qualified household.  The donated funds will be used to pay for services and items that the community and social service agencies cannot pay for.   TEXT COADPC to 91999 to provide support. Your contribution is tax deductible and benefits local Pinal county friends and neighbors.