Our Partner Agencies

Pinal County Agencies

The following agencies are partaking in the Community Giving Campaign. All of these agencies provide valuable services to local families in Pinal County and have been fully vetted by the United Way of Pinal County to ensure they are a quality agency. Please review the information below and determine where you would like to invest in your community.


Community Impact Fund

Description: This category allocates funds based on the area needs as identified by the community needs assessment.  Grants may be awarded to local nonprofits that work on addressing these gaps by serving individuals or strengthening the whole community. Contributions to the Community Fund are flexible funds that are spread throughout our service area where the need is greatest. Community members make funding decisions based on a  thorough process. Funds may be used to support local programs coordinated by organizations referred to as Community Partners.


Against Abuse

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Description:  Against Abuse, Inc. (AAI) has provided assistance to victims of domestic violence in Pinal County since 1981.  Last year we assisted 1,368 adults and children. 
Success Story: AAI helps many types of victims with different needs: support, housing, healing, legal assistance and therapeutic/fun activities for children. One victim came to AZ from a shelter in Kentucky to find her toddler who was abducted by the child’s father, her abusive ex-husband. His new girlfriend’s sister messaged her on Facebook to tell her where she could pick up her daughter. She came immediately. Our staff helped get the court to uphold her temporary order from Kentucky then a deputy sheriff accompanied us to the home. It took two tries before she was able to hold her baby again.  She cried tears of joy. She was able to retrieve her daughter with no incidence and be back on the bus to Kentucky in three days.


American Red Cross


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Description: The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
Success Story: Red Cross prides itself on our pledge that when notified of a disaster, the Red Cross responds 100% of the time. Our volunteers are the reason we can respond and the reason for the successful interactions with our clients. Please consider the words of one of our clients, speaking about “his” Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteers, the people who met his immediate emergency needs in the aftermath of a devastating home fire.
“You’re standing there in shock. What happened to my world? And these people will show up … and they make you feel like there’s somebody that really cares… Most of these people are volunteers – they don’t get paid. They literally dropped everything they had going on in their lives and came to my disaster. What just an absolutely wonderful thing that is! They just care about you and what’s going on with you.” 


Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA)

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Description: Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA) provides comprehensive advocacy services in crisis shelter and in the community for Pinal County domestic and sexual violence survivors.
Success Story: Carmen came to CAAFA after enduring repeated physical and emotional assaults by her partner. During her first days at the Safe House, she was tearful, unsure of her future and still afraid of her ex. With CAAFA’s Advocates, Carmen set goals for her future and made a plan to reach them. She wanted to find housing, reunite with her therapy dog, and focus on her mental health. Carmen participated in CAAFA’s supportive services including individual sessions and support groups to learn how to process and cope with her trauma. Just six weeks after entering shelter, with the help of CAAFA’s Advocates, she secured an apartment. Today, Carmen and her therapy dog live in their own home and enjoy their new life, free from abuse.


Community Action and Human Resources Agency


Description: CAHRA is a non-profit community action agency and strives to address the needs of limited-income residents of Pinal County. CAHRA provides utility assistance, homeless assistance, case management, weatherization, minor home repair, emergency food, gleaned produce, diapers and referrals for services not provided by CAHRA.
Success Story: Jane Doe, a now single mother with four minor children was residing at the Against Abuse Domestic Violence Shelter in Casa Grande.  The family was referred to CAHRA’s Homeless/Rapid Rehousing Program.  
The family was living in an abusive situation and faced violence on a regular basis.  The mother feared for the safety of her children.  The Mother was working and enjoyed her full-time job, but she had to make a decision.  She decided to walk out! - Out of her home, away from her husband and out of her comfortable neighborhood, she lived in.  She found the Against Abuse Shelter but became ill due to the stress and the violence she endured with her husband.  She continued to work even though she was very ill.   
After two months in the shelter, she was referred to CAHRA’s homeless rapid re-housing program.  Client stated she was ill and was losing weight too quickly.  She saw her doctor and was informed that she had issues with her thyroid and kidneys.   While searching for housing, Jane was told by her doctor that she needed to take a leave of absence from work so that she can get treatment for her illness and get some much-needed rest.  She was told that she would have to be off work for two months.    Jane did not have enough sick time to cover her time away from work.  However, with the assistance provided through CAHRA’s rapid re-housing program, the agency was able to cover her rental expense for two months and Jane was able to receive FMLA though her job which in turn allowed her to remain at home and get the treatment and rest she needed.   
Jane’s health got better and she was able to return to work, just in time for school.  However, she was faced with yet, another issue, the need for clothing and school supplies for her children.  CAHRA stepped in again and took Jane and the children shopping for clothing and supplies.  Jane’s health is back to normal and she is happy to be working full-time again. 
Jane states that without CAHRA’s assistance, she doesn’t know what would have happened to her family.  She hates thinking about the bad situation she was in, but is very appreciative of CAHRA and the domestic violence shelter for providing shelter, safety, and comfort to her family.

Casa Grande Alliance

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Description: Partnering for a safe and drug-free community, we foster healthy individuals and safe communities by effectively leading our community’s efforts to reduce drug use and its consequences.
Success Story: As Joe became involved in SADD, he became passionate about prevention. Joe had a story to tell, and his story would affect others. His family moved to Arizona from California to escape the negative influences of drugs and crime in their neighborhood. While in California, Joe watched some of his friends and relatives succumb to drug abuse. He is committed to living a drug-free life and helping others do the same.
When asked about SADD Joe says, “SADD is a group that we put a lot of time into. It is a group that can change society and changes the way your life is.” He encourages other SADD members to “get the word out about SADD: to your families and friends. It is a good group to join, and it could change your life. It has changed my life!”

Catholic Community Services


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Description: Pinal Nutrition operates congregate meals, home-delivered meals, and transportation services in Pinal County.  All three services are provided in the communities of Eloy/Toltec and Coolidge. Home Delivered meals and congregate meal support is offered in Florence.  The essential mission of the triage of services is to provide a balanced meal either in a social environment or in the home to promote independent living and to provide access to community resources.
Success Story: This year’s impact story is about a couple who are both 87 years old and have been married for over 60 years.  They have been through many stages in their lives, each one bringing different challenges, learning, and rewards.  This current stage of life is no exception.  He is embarking on the reality that he is developing dementia along with both of their physical ailments s, they are both in need of walking devices and preparing meals for the two of them can be challenging.  Along with their physical limitations, they also experienced a heart-wrenching devastation when their only child passed away this year.  This really put a strain on them physically and emotionally, aiding in the rapid decline in both of their health.
     The Home Delivered meal program has helped them tremendously.  They treat their meal as if it is a gourmet meal.  They use real glass plates and remove the food from the disposable container, sit at dining room table, and simply enjoy their mealtime together. enhancing their mealtime experience.  These meals are allowing them to rebuild their physical strength and are enabling them to stay in their home longer and continue to live their lives together...

Casa Grande Boys and Girls Club

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Description: Through our after-school programs, summer programs, sports leagues and outreach programs, we strive to help kids achieve Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles.
Success Story: We recently partnered with the Casa Grande Elementary School District to compile the state test scores of Club Members and compare them with district averages.  In each of the past four years, members who attended Club programs more than 104 days were more likely to pass these tests than were their peers who did not attend one of our Clubs.  During the 2015-16 school year, 165 students (in grades 3-8) attended the Club more than 104 days.  These Club Members were 5% more likely to pass the ELA (English Language Arts) section and 13% more likely to pass the Math section of the AzMERIT Test than were those students who never attended one of our Clubs! 



Future Forward Foundation

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Description: 3F grows produce to stop hunger, teaches 40 classes, offers social services and fosters small-scale agriculture.
Success Story: Randolph Park was leased to 3F by Pinal County to create a community garden to fight hunger and prevent diabetes.  Residents were slow to trust.  Some foods were new to them. Now, residents volunteer in the garden and help to protect it.  Pastor White from Randolph serves on the 3F Board today.  We’ve held cooking classes with the produce and plant cultural foods requested.
The Randolph Food Bank is temporarily closed.  We are raising funds to create a mobile food bank that will stop weekly at Randolph and other Pinal County towns lacking produce to fight hunger.



Maricopa Community Alliance Against Substance Abuse (CAASA)

Description: Maricopa CAASA (Community Alliance Against Substance Abuse) is dedicated to developing confident, connected, and successful youth by providing programs through mentoring leadership, and education.
Success Story: I was an intern and then an employee of CAASA while in high school at their Youth Rec Center, I learned to be responsible along with developing an above average work ethic that I have carried with me ever since. I am now a senior at Arizona State University with a full scholarship, I recently accepted a position at a prestigious company, and I am in the process of buying a new home here in Maricopa. None of these achievements would have been possible without CAASA’s program.


Open Hands Outreach Program (OHOP)

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Description: Open Hands Outreach Program (OHOP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization. Our Vision is to restore the pride and dignity of every veteran who is struggling. OHOP works with veterans to identify their issues and assist them to get the benefits and services they have earned. We work in our communities, with the VA, other veteran organizations to locate resources and services.
Success Story: OHOP’s “Coffee Pot Canteen” located in Coolidge with a purpose of offering a place Veterans can drop by any weekday, or meet other veterans during the weekly coffee or Thursday evening Veterans’ dinner. 
A Veteran dropped in on a Tuesday for a cup of coffee when several other Veterans were sitting around a table having coffee.  One of the Veterans told him the group was a veteran get together. The new guy stated, “I’m a veteran too.” The other responded, “I didn’t know you served in the military”. “When did you serve?”. He replied, “In Vietnam”. The other Veteran was surprised to learn that they both had gone to the same schools in Coolidge, served at the same time in Viet Nam returned home and never spoke to their families about their experiences.
Through the “Coffee Pot Canteen” Tuesday morning coffee club, they found a place they could share their stories with other veterans who understood what their families could not. The burdens they carried could be shared and eased.
This is just 1 of many stories of success we have had the privilege of experiencing. How do you measure success? Through changed lives, improved self-image, learning that you are not alone. 


Pinal- Gila Council for Senior Citizens'S

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Description: Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens’ Meals on Wheels program provides nutritious home-delivered meals to homebound, isolated, ill or frail seniors and persons with disabilities whom cannot cook for themselves.
Success Story: Hazel is a 99-year-old senior who is progressively becoming frailer.  About three years ago, she started having problems with falls, several of which were severe. Hazel became homebound, and due to her frailness, she could no longer prepare her own meals.  She started receiving home-delivered meals from the Meals on Wheels program.  She also receives housekeeping services and personal care, which assist her with bathing and cleaning her home.  Hazel enjoys the visits from the people who come to her home to provide services, and the providers enjoy her spirited personality.  The services allow Hazel to continue to live with dignity in her own home, with minimal assistance.  Without that help, Hazel would have to live in a costly assisted living facility which her and many older adults cannot afford. 


Salvation Army

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Description: The Salvation Army Casa Grande Corps provides social service assistance, educational programs for children and adults, as well as emotional and spiritual support in Casa Grande. 
Success Story:  The Salvation Army has offered a free GED study preparation lab for over five years.  Hundreds of adults have received help in studying for their GED.  If a student completes the preparation program and passes all the tests, The Salvation Army will pay for them to take their GED test (the first time).  Studying around a person's work schedule is quite challenging, even more so when you add in the need to care for a family.  Most of our students are mothers who study while their children are in school.  The average time to complete the program is two years if a student studies weekly.  Lately, we have had an influx of students from the community, filling our lab beyond its capacity, which has been wonderful.  Currently, we have two students who will be taking their GED tests by September of 2017.  We have never had two at once ready to take their tests, and we are excited for these ladies to earn their GED and utilize it to be able to be better providers for their families.

Seeds of Hope

Description: Since 1993 Seeds of Hope has been providing opportunities to change lives through relationships and community development, providing programs for spiritual, educational and social change.
Success Story: Daniel is a life that has been changed. After being released from prison, he knew he needed a fresh start. He found his way to Seeds of Hope through the Hot Lunch program. Daniel attended the daily devotions before lunch each day and received encouragement from spiritual leaders in our community. It wasn’t long before he became a regular volunteer there, on the other side of the counter, offering a meal and a smile to someone who stood where he used to be. Daniel learned about a new semester of another of our programs- Jobs for Life. For the next eight weeks, Daniel didn’t miss the twice-a-week classes where volunteer mentors and coaches applied biblically based instruction to help him find dignity and purpose through meaningful work. Upon graduation is now employed full-time at a local restaurant.

Tri-County Food Bank

Description: Tri-Community Food Bank provides emergency food boxes, operates a low-cost thrift store, and provides utility assistance to qualifying residents near Oracle, San Manuel, and Mammoth.   Our mission statement is: “Don’t send a child to bed hungry.”
Success Story: The food bank is entirely staffed by volunteers so there is no administrative overhead. Pictured here are 2 volunteers packing the monthly 3 day supply of food for a household.  In 2016 the food bank provided emergency food boxes to 3,804 households with 11,634 people. We have provided a food box for a mother with one child with disabilities. They had just recently moved to San Manuel and needed help as they set up rent, utilities, and deposits. Another client lives with her elderly mother. When she had a traffic accident on the way to work in Tucson, she lost her transportation and job. They needed help. Many of our clients live on disability or the minimum social security. A monthly food box helps them make ends meet.

United Way of Pinal County

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Description: Matching generosity with community needs to promote lasting change in people’s lives. 
Success Story: Investing in the United Way of Pinal County (UWPC) is one part of a much larger systemic approach in the development and continuance of sustainable programming efforts such as; VITA, Financial Stability, Mentoring classes, and the Keep on Wheelin’ program. In 2017, the UWPC has invested in Pinal County by bringing community partners and stakeholders to allow for increased advocacy in fighting for our neighbors. By investing in the UWPC, you help your community fight for health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. LIVE UNITED®