Keep on Wheelin' Program


The United Way of Pinal County organized and cycles a "bike retrofit" program. The goal is to help confiscated and unused bikes get new life serving those with no transportation. 
Keep on Wheelin', launched within one of our local communities in May 2017, has placed a number of bikes to help residents keep cycling towards the future. Albert Einstein said it best "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
The bikes are donated through various organizations, or by local community members. In partnership with Frontier Ace Hardware, and the San Tan Bike Shop the program is able to acquire the supplies needed to retrofit these bikes and get them back out on the road.
In an interview with the Apache Junction City Manager Bryant Powell, he was quoted saying "Because the city does not have public transportation, bicycles tend to be the most affordable mode of transportation for our residents. Helping residents with this basic need will ensure access to employment and community services." 


To make a donation to the UWPC/ Empowerment Systems Keep On Wheelin Bike Program partnership



One of those residents who received a bike had a job interview the next day 20 miles away. He was concerned how he was going to be able to make it to the bus stop which was 8 miles away, so he could go the remaining 12 miles to his interview. Upon giving him the bike, he thanked the UWPC and has been quoted saying "Once I no longer need this bike, I am going to give it back so it can go to the next person in need!" 
To make a donation of your unwanted or underused bicycle please contact our Community Programs Manager Braden Biggs at 520-233-8272 or email

Thank you to our Partners