Financial Stability Initiative


It is also difficult when working wages are not always livable wages. In Pinal County it takes an income of $16/hour to afford a reasonable place to live. Often times this makes it necessary for a person to work two jobs to just “make ends meet” or for more than one member of the family to work. What happens if you earn $12/hour? This leaves the worker chronically short. What happens when a car breaks down, illness strikes or a job is lost? There is no savings account to buffer the fall.


Can you make it through the month? Try it out here with this simulation:


Commercialism is difficult to fend off in today’s society of “BUY IT NOW. PAY IT LATER” with convenient payment options and an increased market presence of corporations marketing specialty loans such as payday or title loans, to individuals that may not understand what those mean in dollars and cents. This includes the most atrisk population of the elderly.

1. Efforts and programs that support the cradle to career pipeline such as reading at grade level by third grade and mastering math by junior high.
2. Increase GED support services for adults that are beyond the age of 21 and do not qualify for State of Arizona subsidies.
3. Increase GED scholarship support to assist adults that may not be able to afford the training or testing fees.
4. Develop financial literacy programs that including practical skills like budgeting, defining needs from wants and how to avoid debt traps

1. United Way of Pinal County is implementing a practical financial literacy program that will reach the most at­ risk population. To view more information on the Financial Stability Classes, Click here.



2. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) provides free federal and state tax preparation and filing assistance for qualifying individuals and families.This service is available in person at a local establishment or online through, which is the first online initiative allowing free federal and state tax prep and filing in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Individuals or families with a household income of $66,000 or less can prepare and file taxes for free on, or visit out VITA page by clicking here.



3. Promoting healthy lifestyle choices so that youth stay in high school and obtain a diploma.