Financial Stability Classes


The Issue:  Many individuals and families are walking a financial tightrope-- They are barely getting by, with no ability to save for college, a home, or for retirement. Many households are using credit cards to cover basic living expenses including rent, mortgage payments, groceries, utilities, and insurance. "Generation Xers" (Individulals born between 1961 and 1981) are on track to be the first generation in American history with a lower standard of living than their parents. 
The United Way movement seeks to strengthen communities by identifying and tackling the underlying causes of the most serious social issues facing our nation, and so has expanded its work to include stregthening the finanial stability of individuals and families. 
A Step in the Right Direction: Today, community issues stemming from personal, economic and enviornmental factors are growing increasingly complex and more difficult. More and more, hardworking individuals and families are unable to get ahead financially. 
Wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, healthcare, and education in many areas, and skill levels have not staying in alighnment with changing industry needs. 
We challenge you to take this simulator and see if you can make it one month on a small / minimal wage

Click here to go to the simulation


What topics will be presented in class?
  1. Financial Goals
  2. Your Saboteur (Inner Critic) Discussion
  3. Personal Financial Priorities
  4. Keept Track of Expenses
  5. Brainstorming Common Financial Problems and Solutions
  6. Money Management Learned as a Child
  7. SMART Goals - Goal Setting Booklet
  8. Making a Monthly Income and Expense Report (a personal profit and loss statement)
  9. Daily Spending Habits
  10. New Worth Assessment Worksheet
  11. Money and Emotions
  12. Resource Map
  13. Risk Assessment Quiz
  14. Financial Options and Community Resources
  15. And other topics of interest


Where are the classes?

When: 4th Monday of every month

Time: 8am - 1130am

Where: Table of Grace Church- 1075 S. Idaho Rd Suite 108 Apache Junction, AZ 85119


To register for this class please contact the United Way of Pinal County.

Phone: 520-836-0736