Apace Junction Homelessness


Apache Junction Homeless Coalition

In 2015 the United Way of Pinal County conducted a community needs assessment. When the data was analyzed staff returned to the communities with the information and reported the findings. In these meetings, the Apache Junction residents identified that the community needed some assistance in bringing together the right individuals to address the needs of the at-risk and homeless.
As a result, the Empowerment Working Group was formed. This committee discusses and creates solutions for the homeless or near homeless and addresses how social service and faith-based organizations can help those who are seeking help. Committee members would rather create a network of a hand up rather than a handout. The mission of the Apache Junction Empowerment Group is to work collaboratively toward the prevention of homelessness and the creation of lasting solutions for homeless and at-risk families, children, and individuals in the City of Apache Junction service area.”
Over time the Apache Junction Empowerment Working Group decided there was a significant difference between individuals that simply needed a hand up as compared to those that were dealing with chronic homelessness. In May 2016, A Chronic Homeless Committee was established. 
In March 2016 a Mayor’s Breakfast was held how to help homeless and at-risk families in Apache Junction. This was the first of its kind of meeting. Since then the community has held many other conversations to address various parts of homelessness.
In Fall 2018, the Empowerment Group merged with the Chronic Homeless Committee to create the Apache Junction Homeless Coalition. Together these groups work to prevent homelessness and to assist those experiencing homelessness. 
When do we meet?
The revamped Homeless Coalition meets the 2nd Monday of each month from 9:30 to 11:30 at the Apache Junction City Hall located at 300 East Superstition Blvd. 

Apache Junction Street Sheet

The newly created Apache Junction Street Sheet is for the homeless or at-risk individuals who aren't sure where to turn for assistance. A complete list of all the agencies and services available in one sheet for your convenience. 
Paper copies are being distributed all over Apache Junction. Please contact the United Way of Pinal County at 520-836-0736, if you would like copies to hand out.
To view the Apache Junction Street Sheet