Point in Time County- Spring 2018

Point in Time Count

Pinal County, AZ
The issue on the Table:
Every 10 years the US government conducts a census to determine population.  The counts help determine the amount of funds that are allocated to an area to assist with government funding and other resources.   The census count reaches residents where they live.  What if you don’t have an address?  Are you counted?  YES!  This count happens every January.  
The accuracy of the count helps determine the amount of funds are allocated to Pinal County to help pay for support services.  Problem with these counts is that the federal government only allocates a few days in one week to cover the whole county, which is the size of the State of Connecticut.  
Pinal County finds itself sandwiched between Maricopa and Pima counties, which both have large urban areas and can demonstrate larger need.  Pinal County has equally great needs but because the population isn’t concentrated it is much harder to count.  
The agencies that serve the homeless and at risk of becoming homeless need your help.  
Can you spare a few hours at the end of January to help count the homeless?
  • Apache Junction 
  • Casa Grande
  • Maricopa
  • San Tan Valley
  • Eloy
  • Florence/ Coolidge
  • Copper Corridor
Are you passionate about helping to find solutions to Pinal County’s issue?
If yes, participate in the Pinal County Continuum of Care
Contact the county coordinators Mary Lou Rosales at MLRosales@cahrapinal.org or Adeline Allen at Adeline.Allen@pinalcountyaz.gov

APACHE JUNCTION- hpatel@ajcity.net or 480-474-2635

Engage in your local homeless coalition 
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