United Way helps Americans achieve financial stability As many as one-third of working Americans do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs. Wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, healthcare and education. Our nation's personal savings rate in 2006 was the lowest since th

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United Way works for a healthier America Whether it is a neighbor without health insurance, a victim of abuse, or someone struggling with mental illness or an addiction, United Ways are working to ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality care. Our Goal Since 2008, we've been working

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United Way works to end America’s education crisis Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. But with more than 1.2 million children dropping out each year, America faces an education crisis. The cost? More than $312 billion in lost wages, taxes and productivity over

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United Way Executive to Retire

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Message from UWPC Executive Director Beverly Prueter

Thank you!

The last five years have rapidly gone by and I have been blessed to be able to continue my community service work at the United Way of Pinal County.  Serving as Executive Director, I have been able to work  with a talented and community-oriented volunteer board of directors and staff and a tremendously committed group of partner agencies throughout the county.  This job has truly been a gift.     After some 51 years of United Way work, I have decided to retire.    There is much to be done in Pinal County and significant need.  The time is right for new leadership as we prepare to review the results of the Community Needs Assessment Survey and change direction if needed.    I will remain as your director until the new director is in place and will continue to serve the board in other capacities as they wish.
Thank you for your support of United Way of Pinal County and of me.   I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve the county.   BJP

Message from UWPC Board President Keith McGlaughlin

The United Way of Pinal County Board of Directors has formed an executive search committee to develop plans for the future leadership and development of the organization over the next few months.   Regular announcements will be made as the committee has information to share and is ready to accept applications for the position, how to submit them, and the outcome.  
I want to express my thanks and that of the board for Beverly’s leadership.   Her strong knowledge of the United Way system has helped us greatly and will be sorely missed. Beverly’s knowledge and dedication to Pinal County United Way has guided this United Way to a 66% increase in campaign donations mostly from new sources during her tenure as Director. We will miss that energy and will have to double our efforts to maintain the direction she has provided.
With change comes challenge and opportunity and our board and staff will be working for a strong future for United Way and its partners.   We appreciate your support.    KMcG


2014-15 Community Needs Assessment

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United Way of Pinal County Preparing for county-wide Community Needs Assessment and Updated Community Impact Plan

The United Way of Pinal County’s Board of Directors has authorized a review and update of the 2005 Community Impact Plan.  Pinal County, the size of the state of Connecticut, has diverse regions and issues. One thing for certain is that residents in all parts of the county have experienced tremendous financial impact as they have had to survive the past economic boom and bust cycles.  Human services that have responded to these needs have done so for many years with shrinking funding levels, making it most difficult for them to respond and meet all of the needs.  Gaps sometimes emerge between community needs and services delivered.  The United Way of Pinal County aims to create collective community impact by funding efforts that leverage resources that address gaps in the human services provided in our county. 

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Proud Member of AANP

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GET YOUR PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARDS – see below for instructions!

United Way of Pinal County partners with FamilyWize, Community Service Partnership, Inc., to provide free prescription FamilyWize discount cards to all residents of Pinal County. The FamilyWize card lowers the cost of medicine by an average of 30% or more for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their insurance plan. It’s easy to use, just like a coupon, but you can keep using it every time you need to fill a prescription. All you have to do is present the FamilyWize discount card to your local pharmacy to get the savings. These cards can be used by everyone in the community, not just people without insurance. They can be used by people with health benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare.
Click on the button “Show # Helped” to see how many Pinal County residents have been helped with this card, AND to PRINT YOUR FREE CARD! Yes, all you have to do is click the button and you will get your card!
HAVE A HOUSEHOLD PET? FamilyWize cards can also be used for prescription medications for your household pets! The card can be used for any FDA approved medications purchased in a pharmacy, which would include pet meds.
If you have any questions, please contact the United Way office at 520.836.0736.
This is just another way that United Way of Pinal County is serving all residents of the county!

Click on the logo to participate! Raise money for United Way of Pinal County by simply searching the web or shopping online through the GoodSearch!